Instagram follower's Panel


In this fast-paced world of internet using social networking sites has more or less become an addiction to people, especially the youngsters. It isn't uncommon to see them typing away on their mobiles to post stuff on it or to constantly click photos and upload them on their social media accounts.

Social networking sites through the aid of the internet help people stay connected with friends, family, customers, and colleagues over long distances as well as short.


It allows users to share ideas, digital photos, videos, and posts. Besides all these qualities Instagram is also a user-friendly and image-centered app that can easily be accessed on mobile. It won't be a stretch to say that it enables the users to create a virtual reality of their choice which promotes self-expression, self- identity, community building, and bonding of like-minded people.

Apart from this Instagram also helps business brands create a remarkable online presence and get recognized as its visual platform helps customers connect with it at a personal level where promotions can be done in a very innovative manner.

 Follower's panel:

Instagram follower's panel displays the number of followers and likes a profile has.

It won't be untrue to say gaining more and more followers has become nothing less than competition amongst peers and a necessity to people who are into business.


People visiting your Instagram profile might have a single look at your followers' panel and know your credibility and can be turned into followers if your bio is interesting and appealing enough to the preferences of followers you have in mind because you need to figure out what kind of followers you would want on your account and deliver content accordingly rather than being random and all over the place because a profile with no clear and incomplete ideas will only make people ignore it and click onto some other one.



Specific Keywords:

Followers on your followers' panel can be increased by using specific keywords on your profile as those keywords will enable you to breeze through the search engine optimization that ranks the best profiles at the top of its platform and also helps people find you as it encourages like-minded people to check out your profile and start following you if they find it interesting enough, thereby, promoting connectivity amongst people.  This strategy proves more advantageous for businesses because it helps them to keep tabs over the new trends besides promoting their products and services according to the constantly changing likes of people.

Be Consistent:

To prevent the follower's panel from having a stagnant view consistency is the key. It will not only let people know that you are serious and in for the long haul but also keep them looking forward to your uploads as you will stay relevant and not be lost in the swamp of the other Instagram users that are too lazy to upload any new content for their followers.

 The more you upload or post the more followers you get, so uploading at least once a day is ideal because it keeps people's interest in your profile from frizzling away.

Usage of the proper hash tag:

It is important to use the correct hash tags for your videos, stories, and photos because it helps in exposing them to a large range of targeted audience besides enabling your followers to understand what your content is related to, in turn encouraging the people who visit your profile to get interested in checking out your specific content which results in more traffic and better engagement and eventually more followers on your profile.

Avoid using unrelated hash tags as it will make Instagram down rank your content and people will not only develop hash tag fatigue but also lose interest.

 Making video feeds and live videos:

Visual representation is more capturing and has a long-lasting impact. Uploading photos or videos have more chances of engaging the followers since they will be able to see the event for themselves be it an informal event or formal event like something related to business.

Live videos are a quick and simple but efficient way of connecting with your followers as it shows the 'current happenings' and helps connect at a more personal level.

Share engaging stories:

It could be anything fun such as answer questions which are crucial for an Instagram influencer as it makes the interactions between them and their followers more meaningful, and as far as business is concerned it is an amazing place to address the queries the customers might have about a product and its uses.

Get your creative juices flowing by hosting a contest or free giveaways to give followers something fun to look forward to and also to promote brand awareness.

Encourage participation:

Feature your follower's stories or their posts on your own story as this builds a great relationship. Besides this, hosting quizzes, conducting polls, and featuring their responses or game scores can go a long way to enhance the number of followers on your follower's panel.

Share behind the scenes:

Videos are nice to look at and perfectly edited but letting your followers see behind the scenes of the video in a realistic setting can not only come across as relatable to them as it gives a peek into your personality and doing so will make the whole experience of using social media less impersonal.


 It isn't wrong to ask people for help or ask them for an opinion on improving your content further. Chances are if you do this the followers are more likely to come up with creative suggestions and out of the box thinking that might not only surprise you but also prove to be of great help aside from being an excellent way of bonding.


Followers panel play a crucial role as people check them out and are drawn towards innovative content so do not limit your way of thinking and constantly try to come up with new ideas that would leave people eager and intrigued.