buy 4000 watch hours on youtube

buy 4000 watch hours on youtube

YouTube 4000 Hours Watch Time – Everything You Need to Know

Remember years ago when a little-known video streaming site called YouTube was just in its infancy, and how the quality of each video uploaded would hurt your eyes, leave you feeling dizzy, and looked as if it had been recorded in the 1970s? Well, fast forward more than a decade later and it’s safe to say that things have certainly changed.

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the most important business tools to have at your disposal, and if you use the site right and monetize your content, you can earn yourself a very tidy amount of money in the process.

YouTube is used by businesses looking to market and advertise their companies, there’s ads, sponsored ads, and much more besides, and if you get at least 4000 hours of YouTube watch time, you can monetize your content and improve your channel no end.

Looking to buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time but want to learn more about it first? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

What exactly is YouTube watch time?

Though it’s pretty self-explanatory, YouTube watch time is the total amount of hours that viewers have spent watching your videos.

In the early days of YouTube, views were all that mattered when it came to monetizing your content and ranking your videos, but now watch time is the primary ranking factor for YouTube videos.

Put very simply, the more hours of watch time your videos have, the higher up the rankings they will place and the more views, likes, and subscribers you will likely achieve in the process.

If you wish to monetize your content and earn money from ads, your videos need a minimum of 4000 hours watch time, which is why you may wish to buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time services.

How to boost YouTube watch time

If you’re looking to increase watch time for your videos to help you reach that magic 4000 hour number quicker, here are some tips.

Don’t delete videos unless essential

Most YouTubers will have uploaded videos at some point, had them tank or attract negative attention and ultimately decided to delete them, but did you know that this could harm your watch time?

When you delete a YouTube video, YouTube erases the watch time that that video accumulated. If for example, your channel has 3000 watch hours and you delete a video which had 400 watch hours, now your total watch hours on your channel will be 2600 hours instead.

Don’t count on advertising campaigns

If you’ve created a video ad for YouTube, no matter how many watch hours that ad has accumulated, these won’t count towards your channel’s total watch hours.

Don’t set videos to private

Up until 2019, watch hours on private YouTube videos used to count towards your watch hours for your channel. In 2019 however, YouTube changed that, so any videos set to private will not count towards watch hours.

Purchase YouTube 4000 hours watch time

The most effective way of getting those 4000 hours watch time so you can monetize your channel is to buy YouTube 4000 hours watch time services.

Buying these services will provide you with 4000 hours of watch time for a very reasonable fee, allowing you to monetize your content and start earning money from your channel.